Coral Flat + Beta Full Range drivers

last update 29th July 2005

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Coral Beta page

Coral constructor dimensions zip

FLAT 10 PLAN PDF format

my beta 10 in back loaded horn enclosures, in the days before the laminate finish

beta 10 original cover

beta 10 in original five port cabinet. Better results if lifted off ground 3-4 inches. This is probably the "safest" and most cost effective enclosure. Very strong cabinet should be braced internally (centre , from left to right)

period beta brochure

Matthew Gamer's Beta 8s

Here is a rare picture showing a beta 8 alongside my beta 10s. These speakers are owned by Matthew Gamer who lives in the centre of Brisbane. (Matthew like me is a major Coral fan and a complete hifi nut!, Great stuff!) Matthew's speakers are in perfect condition, they have there original boxes and dust covers). Matthew has recently built the original 4 ported enclosure for these drive units. We had a great afternoon comparing the two. Matthew intends to analyse these drive units in detail and will be developing a horn system to match. Keep an eye on this space


glorious cast frame, beautiful chromed magnet. beta 8 approx 4.00kg. Some people claim greater speed/dynamics.

Flat ten driver, as name suggests they have a very flat frequency response.

Marc Sieben this enclosure by Marc Sieben, Belgium

my old Coral 10CX-501. Brilliant Rock style speaker


 Kim Bond (Canberra) has just sent me his superb design for the Flat 10. Here are two photos one the front of the completed enclosure. The second (RHS) a view from above during construction.  A very refreshing change from the standard reflex design. Feel free to download Kim's detailed description.

 FLAT 10 PLAN PDF format

 You can contact Kim at

Many Thanks Kim