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During the early eighties my good friend Stephen Rogers owned a pair of RAM 150s. These were two way speakers with a drone cone (auxiliary bass radiator ABR). They produced rock solid bass that went down really low. These speakers were also brilliantly made. At this time I also came across the RAM compact which seemed completely indestructible (a true mighty midget). They left an everlasting memory for me. I am sure that this information will interest all audio enthusiasts. If you have any comments or contributions please use the email link below. Howard

Please contact me if you have RAM speakers for sale (Queensland or inter-state)















RAM's Debut Speaker, the RAM 1

The bass unit is a Dalesford 8 inch bextrene unit, and the hf unit is an Isophon hard plastic dome. In later production this was changed to an Audax soft dome unit.

There is a port at the top of the front panel (hard to see here), which is packed with welded drinking straws to provide low frequency damping. Celef did something very similar












A 3D recreation by V Jennings


The RAM2 was a 3 way reflex speaker, using two 8 inch 13 ohm Dalesford bextrene units in parallel, and a Peerless 4 inch doped paper cone midrange












The RAM3 used the same units as the RAM2, which was a scaled down version. This was designed before the RAM2, and derived from the first speaker I ever made, which used two KEF B200's for base units, and, whilst sounding good, it had an awkward impedance curve (twin bass units) Some amplifiers found these speakers difficult.


















The Awesome RAM STL4

This speaker was designed a little later and should be considered one of the original series

The STL4 (this is a 3D recreation as no pictures exist?) was a huge transmission line, using a pair of Daleford 13 ohm bass units in parallel to drive the line, a Dalesford 8 inch midrange (because we liked the sound of it!), and an Audax fabric dome hf unit.

When we measured it at the GEC Reseach Centre anechoic chamber it had the deepest bass of any speaker they had ever measured, remaining flat to 30HZ before rolling off.

On initial listening, it seemed bass light, until real bass appeared, and showed just how much bass colouration most other speakers have. It's image placement was particularly good and open.

Only a few of these were built and sold (to real enthusiasts!). Another version which we didn't pursue used a single Seas 13 inch bass unit.